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¨Since the first stone tools were made by our ancestors millions of years, the first step towards the development of civilization as we know it today .
Since then stones became very necessary for humanity and after many years Nassar GH stone developed these ancient works into the newest ways that technology arrived.
More than 45 of professionalism dealing with stones since it’s a material until its transferred to the factory to be cut , cured and manufactured each and every kind of stones depending on how its ordered , and then exporting it to the building projects .
Nassar GH stone was established in 1988, the company runs 10 stone pits in Palestine .
And its annual production from the hard limestone and dolomite material blocks where amount to30000cms.
In addition to manufacturing facilities that employ 100 workers . produce unlimited extensions almost from the finest limestone and marble , which we export it to all countries.
The company’s strategy helps to achieve the current professional position and it serves as structure for achieving the growth and profitability at future work according to the international standards .

Also its required the continued investment in modern technology, and the continued development for humanitarian skills and The use of the most effective mechanisms. Over the years ,Nassar GH stone developed a noticeable progress and working on developing these areas on the hope of creating anew culture in the business of stone that depends on the warranty of the quality in producing and managing.
__CLASS__And now the company is affording for the European , American and far eastern markets more than its producing plus to the near Arabian markets.

Nassar Ghaith export of Jerusalem stone Hebron stone

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